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What are the benefits of pomegranate for sensitive skin?

What are the benefits of pomegranate for sensitive skin?

Pomegranate provides amazing and effective skin nourishing benefits to exfoliate dead skin cells, resist aging and nourish the skin with important and essential nutrients such as vitamins (B)(C)(K) along with various minerals that give the skin shine and freshness .

Pomegranate is a highly effective ingredient when mixed with other substances, so we can take advantage of this property to accelerate the healing and repair of the skin, increase collagen in it, prevent pigmentation and fight acne on it .

And we can get these great benefits by pomegranate masks blended with natural substances, which are in shape :

Pomegranate and lemon mask

This mask provides vitamin C and collagen-boosting antioxidants to the skin and fight wrinkles .

Fly mask on face mix the pomegranate molasses with drops of lemon juice, and simmer 30 minutes, then wash it with cold water, which is good for sunburns too .

Mask of pomegranate and green tea

Green tea and pomegranate are effective antioxidants in rejuvenating the skin and increasing its shine and shine .

Composed mask of a tablespoon of yogurt with pomegranate molasses and a tablespoon of fresh green tea with a tablespoon of honey, and cook on the face and neck 30 minutes before washing it with water .

Pomegranate and honey mask

Honey-pomegranate mask is a nourishing and natural mask that makes your skin clear and flawless, this mask consists of .

Pomegranate molasses and a tablespoon of honey, apply to face and neck 30 minutes before washing with water, apply 2 times a week .

Mask of pomegranate and cocoa

What to expect from the use of two antioxidant substances such as pomegranate and cocoa, the result will inevitably be a rapid rejuvenation of the skin, the mask consists of cocoa powder and pomegranate molasses applied to the face 20 minutes before washing it with cold water .

Mask of pomegranate and yogurt

Pomegranate and yogurt mask are effective masks in the treatment of tired and weakened skin in order to revitalize and replenish its tired cells, the mask consists of pomegranate molasses and a tablespoon of yogurt, applied to the face and neck 20 minutes before washing off with cold water .

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