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What are the benefits of potato juice for skin

What are the benefits of potato juice for skin

Potato juice for skin of more vegetables common in use and agriculture around the world, along with being the food is delicious in all its forms, but what do we know about its benefits magic for the skin if used like raw material, does he have any therapeutic benefits .

Skin pigmentation

Applying potato juice to the pigmentation areas of the skin will soften them, combine them with the color of the surrounding skin, and regular treatment will remove them permanently, and the juice is applied to the area until it dries, then washed off with water .

Treatment of dry skin

Potato juice contributes to good hydration of the skin, protects the skin from harmful external factors, and we can include it with Face masks as an effective and moisturizing ingredient for the face .

Treatment of eczema and angular cheilitis

The introduction of potato juice into the diet will treat the skin disorders of eczema, because it contains strong anti-inflammatories, and the juice also treats one of the common and serious mouth infections of angular cheilitis .

Skin tightening

Potato juice makes skin healthy from the outside, it is an organic juice that is useful in relieving signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots and removing fatigue from the face, and mixing it with lemon will make it very effective .

Remove dark armpit color

Potato juice gives amazing results in skin whitening, especially in the delicate armpit area, which becomes severely darkened under the influence of solar rays .

Treatment of sunburn

All we have to do is apply potato juice to the affected areas, and it will cool and soothe the area .

Skin cleanser and cleanser

Potato juice can be used as a natural facial cleanser, so after adding water with a teaspoon of baking soda to the juice, this cleanser will make the skin shiny and refreshed .

Treatment of skin rashes, itching and insect bite

Take a small slice of potatoes, squeeze it a little to get the juice out, then put the slice and its juice on the affected area for a few minutes, and apply several times a day to get the best results .

Remove puffiness around the eyes

Potato juice with fresh cucumber slices treats puffiness around the eyes thanks to the juice containing starch and catecholase, cucumber contains vitamin C and caffeic acid, and we put cucumber slices around the eyes after soaking them with potato juice, avoiding any mixture to the eyes .


We remove and peel any green part of the potatoes they are poisonous and so is the case with green potato sprouts .

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