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What are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for the skin

What are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for the skin

The benefits of pumpkin seed oil are countless, but unknown to many people, and the pumpkin is consumed in the Arab world for the preparation of jam and soups, which is the main confectionery ingredient of the European world on occasions, and it is worth mentioning that the benefits of the Great Pumpkin extend to its oil extracted from its seeds, to give us

Lowering cholesterol

Regular and moderate consumption of pumpkin seed oil will increase blood vessel health by lowering LDL cholesterol leading to atherosclerosis, and pumpkin seeds also contain enough magnesium to support heart health and speed up the healing process in case of heart disorders .

Skin and skin

Oil supports skin health, treats skin irritation, increases softness and shine, it is a light and natural protein to restore cells, support their youth and freshness and delay aging

Pumpkin Protein is easily digestible and helps stabilize blood sugar, making its seeds without oil a supportive snack for athletes, and a boost for fitness in women

Supports milk production in nursing mothers

Pumpkin seed oil further supports the milk production of the nursing mother, to provide the best nutrients for the health and structure of the infant, and strengthen immunity .

Consulting a doctor here is an important step for the expectant and nursing mother to take pumpkin oil, in order to avoid mixtures and allergies .

Fighting infections

The content of dietary pumpkin oil of anti-inflammatory substances makes it effective in the treatment of arthritis, as well as its ability to disinfect and treat the genitourinary tract of the body, to prevent infections, kidney stones and other diseases of the urinary system .

Men's health

 Pumpkin oil really has an effect on the treatment of benign prostate cancer, and men can consume pumpkin seeds without oil (without salt) to support fertility, semen and strengthen libido, thanks to the high zinc content of the seeds .


Pumpkin seed oil has a strengthening effect of cognitive abilities associated with memory and concentration, and only its seeds (without oil) can be consumed to promote restful sleep, because the seeds contain an amino acid that is effective in stimulating the body's serotonin transformation, making our sleep supportive of brain health and memory .


If you have allergies, consult your doctor before taking it

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