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What are the benefits of red onions for the body

What are the benefits of red onions for the body

Benefits of red onion, which is a commonly used home vegetable thanks to its aromatic, healthy and therapeutic properties through the ages, to unfold today its health benefits in detail with nutritionists, and we will describe in this research the benefits of red onion that will make us forget about the presence of diseases .


Epilepsy is a brain disorder caused by cell damage due to an increase in free radicals, and therefore there is no substitute for antioxidants in onions to prevent these radicals .

Onions are a good source of selenium to protect brain cells and prevent epileptic seizures, because selenium deficiency leads to brain disorder and may lead to brain cell death .


Quercetin in onions is an anti-inflammatory compound, and the properties of onions also help manage asthma and its symptoms, expand the airways and reduce lung inflammation .


Onion contains approximately 25 active antimicrobial compounds to support immunity, protect the body against viral, fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections .

Diabetes patients

Onion stimulates insulin production and its action, the study showed a decrease (fasting sugar) for Type 2 diabetics by 40mg/DL, when adding 100g of raw onions to their diet .


Cysteine in onions is an anticholesterol and triglyceride, and an inhibitor of the activity of its synthesized enzymes .

Onions help lower cholesterol by stimulating the secretion of bile acids in the body .


Raw onion and its juice kill bacteria and prevent their growth and spread by food, due to the presence of allicin .

And the gift of onions to us are flavonol, quercetin and camphiferol as an antimicrobial group .


Onion suppresses the attack of free radicals on the liver due to its concentrated antioxidant content, as well as its high ability to expel toxins out of the body .

Digestive system

Onions protect the lining of the stomach to prevent ulcers, and onions increase the production of the mucous layer of the stomach to avoid damage to the ulcer if it occurs .

Onion antioxidants help adjust the oxidative balance of the tissues in the stomach, thereby avoiding free radical damage to the digestive system .


Onions prevent thrombosis and blockage of arteries, for healthy and smooth blood flow through the heart and blood vessels .


Flavonoids and onion sulfur inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells, along with anti-free radical antioxidants .

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