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What are the benefits of red onions?

What are the benefits of red onions?

Benefits of red onion, dark red onion is known as the richest source of dietary flavonoids, a versatile plant.

It promotes health and is said to contain ingredients such as quercetin, allicin, anthocyanins and chromium.

Resists bacteria and breakfast, lowers high blood pressure, promotes cardiovascular health and helps in

Weight loss. A study has also shown that it resists colon and chest cancer.

The study was published in the International Journal of food research and confirmed that red onions contain high levels.

Quercetin and anthocyanin, which are found in many fruits, vegetables and cereals, have reducing properties.

Infections and resists allergies .

Researchers onions are effective in killing cancer cells but not all types of the same in that.

Red onions with a dark, long, hard pulp come top of the list. And that this kind of.

Onion has shown great efficacy in killing cancer cells, enhances their unsuitable environment and interrupts communication between.

These cells are what hinders their growth.

The results and research relied on a clear study by researchers to find an extraction technique that removes chemicals.

What makes the presence of quercetin in onions more convenient to consume. This technique is very important and properties.

Anti-cancer onions in the form of capsules.

Dark red onions have been a crucial vegetable in Middle Eastern cuisine for thousands of years.

Low incidence of oncological diseases in the southern parts of Europe. The demands of the need to eat onions.

Raw as any other kind in the kitchen as a kind of staple food that kills cancer cells..

The next step will be to test the strength of this cancer-resistant vegetable in human experience. This food.

The superuser could be added to burgers and salads, as a preventive measure, researchers hope and even expect that the extract.

Onions will soon be added to cuisines such as baked goods or juices, and will be available in the form of.

Capsules to treat cancer in a natural way.

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