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What are the benefits of rice flour?

What are the benefits of rice flour?

The benefits of rice flour are important, it is a staple food for Southeast Asia, Japan, India and the Arab world, and the grinding process of rice is the only way to benefit from its small and broken grains, and its great benefits lie in its following Integrated Properties .

Health benefits of rice flour


Gluten is an essential protein for wheat grain products, and avoiding it becomes necessary for people with celiac disease (wheat allergy), which causes them digestive disorders caused by the immune system's reaction to gluten, and as a precaution we can consider rice flour as a healthy and ideal alternative to wheat flour .

High protein

Rice flour contains a high amount of proteins whose benefits are integrated with other nutrients according to the color of rice white and Brown, where brown rice is rich in fiber, vitamins, nutrients, calcium and zinc with high levels of B vitamins, and the main difference between Brown and white rice is the removal of brown rice crust to become white .

Fiber reinforced

 Should we get in the dishes our tables on the needs of our daily dietary fiber, it helps to move food and toxins through the intestine in healthy women, but a high-fiber diet will reduce your cholesterol, improves blood sugar and promotes bowel movements, and fiber rice is insoluble fibers are found in abundance in brown rice compared to white, although the replacement of wheat flour minute brown rice will help in weight loss, stimulate the feeling of satiety, hunger mitigation, mitigating the risk of colon diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes Type(2) .

Method of preparation of rice flour


2 cups raw rice

Method of preparation

We wash rice more than once, to remove dust and accumulated starch .

Soak rice with water for 1 ½ hour with water until slightly soft .

Halve the rice, stretch it on a cotton cloth and diverge between them .

We leave the rice to dry for 20-30 minutes in the shade of the sun .

We transfer the rice to a food grinder, grind it several times to become a fine powder resembling powder .

We can sift flour to suit recipes that need soft texture and soft texture .

If we want to store it must be dried for minutes in the oven until the Steam and water come out of it completely .


Grind 2 cups of rice cereal gives 3 cups of rice flour powder

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