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What are the benefits of sage oil for the body?

What are the benefits of sage oil for the body?

Benefits of sage oil for the body .. Sage is a herbaceous plant, used for thousands of years as an eye cleanser and the term Clary comes from the Latin word (Clarus) which means cleaning or cleansing. It is considered antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, carminative, sedative, useful for blood pressure, antidepressant and is relatively safe and is an alternative to many recipes.

This oil is used in cosmetic industries such as deodorant, soap, shampoo, facial lotion, and a common use of this herb oil is to improve women's reproductive health.

 1. helps relieve stress and anxiety:

Stress relief is one of the best positive effects of sage oil, chronic stress and anxiety seriously affect our physical and mental health and prevents restful sleep, which leads to our daily underperformance, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and leads to depression.

Sage oil is a sedative and analgesic for neurological effects as it relieves anxiety and insomnia, balances the effect on hormones and regulates the stress hormone cholesterol, to treat difficulty sleeping 3_4 points of this oil can be added to the air conditioner or to a warm bath at the end of the day.

 2 - relieves depression :

It is an antidepressant that helps lower blood pressure and regulates hormones, anxiety and stress are the most famous triggers of depression and instead of taking many types of drugs can solve these problems with sage oil it gives a feeling of comfort and happiness.

2_3 drops of this oil with lemon oil are placed in an air conditioner bottle and can be placed after diluting with almond oil behind the ear or under the foot.

 3-stimulates and improves digestion:

It helps to secrete digestive juices, accelerates digestion, has an antispasmodic effect, expels the wind, reduces the formation of gases, prevents bloating and burning when spreading this oil in the air or rubbing it down the abdomen it gives good results.

 4 - promotes regularity of bowel movements:

The regularity of the intestine is not usually given the importance it deserves, although it is considered an important measure of health especially in ancient medical tables such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, where the belief prevails that the origin of diseases starts from the stomach, which has been recognized by modern medicine especially with regard to immune diseases and colorectal cancer, when eating food many toxins enter helps digestion and promotes Regular excretion of waste products, thereby reducing exposure to many diseases.

 5. gives natural care to skin and scalp:

 This oil is added to skin products due to its anti-inflammatory and microbial properties it protects against dermatitis, bacteria and fungal infections, also regulates the sebaceous glands and eliminates acne and dandruff.

To control dandruff, mix 5-6 drops of it with a tablespoon of warm coconut oil and rub it into the scalp before washing the hair.

 6. heals bacterial and fungal infections:

Sage oil has antibacterial and fungicidal properties that help eliminate many germs and breakfasts when applied to wounds.

Blends 5_6 drops of oil of sagebrush with a teaspoon of coconut oil to disinfect wounds, as no special effect against Staphylococcus, is used to treat skin disease called ringworm that appear at the feet of athletes and other local infections.

 7. improve oral health:

 Sage oil has astringent and antimicrobial properties that make it excellent for oral hygiene, helps change bad breath and treats red gum swelling or bleeding gums that appear during brushing or flossing, and also acts as an antifungal as it prevents or treats oral infections such as thrush or those that appear in people with immunodeficiency.

Is mix some drops of oil with the sage and coconut oil powder of sea salt until it becomes like them and your gums, and then wash the mouth with warm water.

8-natural deodorant:

Think industrial products with chemicals that are very harmful especially those that are sprayed directly on the skin, so prepare essential oils removers smell of effective, excellent and long-lasting because they contain anti-bacteria that cause body odour.

Sage oil can be used alone or by mixing it with lavender or citrus oil.

To make a unique aroma 5_6 drops can be placed in an atomizer bottle, and use it directly as it can be added to the bath salts mixture making the shower more relaxed.

9-relieves menstrual problems:

 Sage oil is a remedy for reproductive problems in women and has gained old fame as it was called essential oil for women especially for those who suffer from menstrual pain and postmenopausal pain where it contains components that help regulate hormonal imbalances and protect women from polycystic ovary disease and cancer of the uterus and ovaries, an antispasmodic and analgesic, a study found that

 10-relieves asthma and breathing problems:

Used alone or by mixing treat respiratory infections such as bronchitis, pneumonia.

Inhalation of sage oil opens the airways and gives relief to asthmatics, where 2_4 drops of sage oil are mixed with a spoonful of almond oil and rubbed into the chest or 2_3 drops are placed in the air freshener.

 11-reduces high blood pressure:

It has been found in clinical studies that sage oil reduces blood pressure and increases blood circulation by relaxing and opening blood vessels, this is what relieves the load on the heart because it pumps blood strongly and slowly spreading sage oil helps in lowering blood pressure and this benefit comes without any medication.

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