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What are the benefits of saturated fat for the body?

What are the benefits of saturated fat for the body?

Benefits of saturated fat for the body .. When we talk about losing weight or improving health, we usually focus on.

Stop eating calories.

When it comes to health, hormones have a greater impact than people realize.

Affect everything from weight to bowel health, mood, skin hydration, acne, thyroid.

Bloating, pregnancy, sleep diseases, fatigue, PCOS, bleaching, procreation and others.

Endocrine glands are responsible for secretion of hormones, and they cannot chemicals in the body.

Hormones travel through the blood and control all metabolic processes in the body, hence the importance of hormone balance for health.

When we follow certain diets, we sometimes stop with traditional fatty foods that have been part of our diets for generations.

Over the years unrefined natural oils have been replaced as coconut oil, municipal pure obesity, and mustard oil.

Refined hydrogenated oils because they are economical and last longer, these fats are enhanced daily based on healthy claims .

Because our bodies are made of natural substances and are not designed to consume artificial fats from plant oils.

The fat content in our body is saturated fat and only 3% comes from the other types, these women are important to know.

For our health and functioning well.

So new oils such as canola, soy are very high in omega-6 fats and low in omega-3, and this imbalance

It affects the endocrine system and leads to hormonal disruption.

So bring these healthy saturated fats back into your diet:

1. Coconut oil :

We need to bring saturated oils back into our lives, and coconut oil has medium-smooth fatty acids and does not raise sugar.

Blood, hypoglycemic symptoms are reduced.

And these fats are not distributed in the bloodstream, and are used directly as energy. While vegetable oils inhibit thyroid function.

Lower metabolic activity is not like coconut oil. Which helps in losing weight.

It turns out that the exclusion of healthy oils from the diet in India led to the spread of Type 2 diabetes.

2. Obesity pure :

This elixir Golden rich in vitamin K2 which builds hormones with vitamins A, D, E, K.

Obesity and butter from organic sources support metabolism, digestion, immunity, thyroid function and gut health.

So the use of these saturated fats in the diet is good for us, either vegetable oils not only serve the commercial interests, they are usually.

What comes from genetically modified seeds, they are refined and subject to a lot of processing.

Healthy saturated fats balance hormones and accelerate metabolism that contribute to weight loss.

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