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What are the benefits of sleep for women?

What are the benefits of sleep for women ?

A relaxed body will perform better, sleep disturbance is known to be common to many women in menopause after forty or fifty, and menopause during this period indicates a natural decrease of female hormones and that would give negative consequences for health such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

But new studies are now turning to sleep health as an effective component in women's postmenopausal physical performance, and the results of the study are being published in the Journal of the American Menopause Society (Viet).

The study found that each decrease in sleep level was associated with a decrease in intimate function in postmenopausal women, and there is a link between lack of sleep, depression, and chronic diseases in postmenopausal women.

Research related to Sleep Health indicates that the benefits of sleep increase effectiveness when you sleep early and wake up early it helps the body to sleep deep and thus support the health of the brain, nerves, and blood circulation, especially in women after the age of 40.

Preventive tips

Sleep disorder is a common factor among women with age and generally affects other functional aspects of life, so :

Women need during this period to identify the most important dietary recommendations in compensation to the lack of vitamins and nutrients that can adjust and activate hormones in the body, and turbulence hormone is the most prominent manifestations of menopause, as well as support mental health through healthy nerves and skin.

A routine sleep regimen will help set the biological clock in our bodies to wake up and sleep at specific times.

Following light exercise daily will support health, deep sleep and help women fall asleep early.

Avoid insomnia by following the night or day reading regime, reading helps our brains burn and deplete part of the energy, forcing the brain to sleep and rest to stimulate concentration, memory and keep away distractions.

Getting up early will give the body the ease of taking naps during the day, increasing the rate of relaxation of nerves and muscles for a deep night's sleep.

 Can you ma'am consult a doctor to diagnose your condition, and follow the proper prescription of a sleep disorder?

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