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What are the benefits of spices and spices?

What are the benefits of spices and spices?

Spices are the basis of the success of most dishes and one of the most important and irreplaceable additives

Especially in meat dishes, birds, fish, whatever way they are cooked. Spices are characterized by giving food a taste

Frida differs by the different types of spices used. And because the Arab people are a people who love the delicious taste they have become

From the most important countries that consume large quantities of spices, and resorted to a lot of people to use to communicate

To benefit them healthily after research and studies have proven that for spices.

For some Arabic spices, chef Shashwat Shivam, executive chef at Jodhpur Royal Restaurant in Dubai

About its benefits and uses.


Extract from a small Bush, characterized by its intense acidity. Mainly used in salads, it is also used in some

Arabic dishes such as Muhajir and hummus. Sumac is a plant that contains a lot of antioxidants

Also helps to improve the level of sugar in the blood. You can save sumac in an airtight case and in an opaque and cool place.


A herbaceous plant of the oldest medicinal plants, it is distinguished by its intense sweetness and strong aroma. Used in the preparation of soaked tea

And many desserts such as jelly beans and marinated cakes. Anise is considered as a remedy for digestive cramps and is also used

In many pharmaceutical industries. Anise is also kept in sealed cans so as not to lose its flavor.


It is a herbaceous plant, characterized by a refreshing and aromatic taste that gives a feeling of coolness. Dry mint is used

Or green in herbal teas and ice cream, salads and many more. Mint is considered a soothing drink whether

For nerves or for digestive cramps or in cases of colds in addition to regulating blood pressure to contain an ample amount

Of potassium. Like the rest of the spices, dry mint should be kept in an airtight container so that it retains its strong taste and aroma.
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