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What are the benefits of tomato soup for diet?

What are the benefits of tomato soup for diet?

The benefits of tomato soup for the diet and for the body in general have been identified by some studies indicating that the benefits of tomato soup can be referred to many facts about it and its relationship to the health and functions of our bodies .

What are these benefits

This soup is a rich source of vitamin A that promotes healthy tissue and skin, especially in newborns

A rich source of vitamin C to keep our body's ligaments and tendons intact, strengthen the heart and protect arteries from sclerosis and stroke, and also lowers cholesterol levels

It is a good source of Vitamin K and calcium to strengthen bones , contains selenium activated for blood circulation to prevent anemia

The high content of copper in soup gives a healthy start to the nervous system to work, and potassium in it enhances nerve signals, ensuring our bodies mental health

Chromium in the soup helps regulate blood sugar it is an excellent soup for diabetics

Lycopene in soup gives tomatoes a bright color and is a source to enhance bone density and fight their fragility because lack of lycopene leads to increased oxidation in the bones،

Lycopene fights free radicals that cause aging, and also reduces breast, prostate, stomach, colon and rectum cancers

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth in England say that this soup has a good ability to promote sperm in men which promotes fertility, fights infertility

Helps to lose weight when adding olive oil to it, it is rich in fiber and water to burn calories and body fat

Harm of tomato soup

The negative effect just for this soup is contains a large amount of sodium, equivalent to a third of our need daily, which raises blood pressure, so it must be acknowledged in the file when eating this soup in order to adjust our daily sodium healthy

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