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What are the benefits of turmeric and ginger to relieve ?

What are the benefits of turmeric and ginger to relieve

The benefits of turmeric and ginger with some .. What's their benefit ? You have to know that the cells of the body are interdependent system, a vital chemical severe balance, and disorders of internal or external adversely affect the health of enzymes, hormones, nutrients and oxygenation to sex, is reflected back to manifestations of weakness and exhaustion may require serious diseases belong Butler cells and cancer.

The chemical balance depends mainly on water, and dehydration of the body will carry serious effects of high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and cancer .

He drank daily need of water helps to hydrate the body, but some cells in our bodies need additional support tonic against disorders, especially blood cells, brain, heart, and this support will be achieved with syrup ginger, turmeric, and honey .

Turmeric and ginger iced syrup

In a small bowl, combine 4 tsp ginger, 4 tsp turmeric and ½ tsp pepper with a glass of water, over low heat, turn off the fire when boiling.

When the mixture has cooled, add ½ cup honey, cover the syrup for at least an hour, so that the concentration becomes stronger،

We consume it in batches every day cold, and we can store the mixture in the refrigerator after adding 3 glasses of water to it .

The benefits of the drink


Turmeric relieves heart disease, improves the functioning of blood vessels, and is a supporter of brain health, especially in Alzheimer's and stroke patients .


Ginger lowers cholesterol leading to atherosclerosis, is a brain stimulator, a supporter of memory and concentration .


Improves the honey and brain function in women during menopause, to prevent cellular damage and loss of brain cells .

Black pepper

Black pepper helps our body to extract nutrients from the components of the drink effectively .

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