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What are the benefits of vanilla oil for the body ?

What are the benefits of vanilla oil for the body ?

The benefits of vanilla oil are very important and in order not to be mistaken if we think that the word vanilla is special for sweets and ice cream, and perhaps it is a natural and common belief due to the frequent use of recipes and sweeteners, but vanilla in the end is a natural substance like other substances that carry many benefits and :

Soothing and relaxing properties 

Calms oil vanilla the body in countless ways by easing inflammation and hyperactivity of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous system, fever, convulsions, anxiety, stress, and allergies .

Vanilla oil material effective in calming the brain and nerves taut as a result of anxiety, anger, and it is a necessary substance for restful sleep .


Vanilla oil is an effective and fast solution for the health of the reproductive system and the activation of its sexual functions, the weakening and cessation of which causes impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity and loss of libido .

 Vanilla oil stimulates the secretion of the sex hormones testosterone in men and estrogen in women to promote normal sexual behavior, and helps regulate menstruation through the activation of estrogen hormones .


Oxidation is one of the biggest causes of aging of the body to disease and tissue damage, cells that belong to the limits of the cancer gradually, the property vanilla oil antioxidant factors necessary to neutralize the free radicals generated by the oxidation process harmful to the body and, therefore, maintenance of our bodies of various cancers .

Preventing fever

Vanilla oil is a necessary substance to prevent fever and fight infection through its eugenol-containing compounds .


 Vanilla is generally a morale-boosting flavor with its sweet and pleasant taste that excites the brain's nerve cells to activity and enjoy, and the oil contains the aroma of vanilla strongly and effectively stimulates the hormones of happiness fighting depression .

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