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What are the benefits of vinegar for hair and how to use it?

What are the benefits of vinegar for hair and how to use it?

The benefits of vinegar for hair and the way it is used.... Commercial humidifiers are often overloaded with chemicals. So it is better to prepare

Natural home moisturizer is harmless.And leave all those businesses behind.

How to prepare vinegar moisturizer :

  1. Mix one part vinegar ( white or Apple) with 3 to 4 parts of water 
  2. Grease the vinegar mixture with hair shampoo ( preferably bicarbonate-soda shampoo). Leave it lasts for two minutes, then rinse.

Reasons for using vinegar for moisturizing :

  • Vinegar is free from silicon and all other chemicals traditionally found in commercial humidifiers.
  • Contains one component and is completely natural
  • Removes any residue left by moisturizers and other hair products.
  • Makes hair shiny and soft
  • Removes and reduces hair tangles.
  • Does not increase hair weight like other moisturizers
  • Keep the hair clean for longer
  • Balances the pH level of scalp and hair
  • Helps protect against / deal with dandruff
  • Cheaper than any other commercial refreshment

Notes and warnings:

  • Hair smells like vinegar until it dries. And then the smell will disappear.
  • You hate the smell of vinegar? A few drops of pleasant-smelling herbal oil ( lavender, rosemary and others) can be added).

To the vinegar-water mixture.

- Would you like to remove the smell that the previous moisturizer left on the hair?

A few drops of herbal oil can be added to the hair comb to slightly aromatize it with a beautiful aroma.

- White vinegar is recommended if the hair is blond, apple cider vinegar may darken the hair color.

- It is recommended to treat with great caution if the hair is dyed, most people reported that moisturizing the hair with vinegar effectively prolongs the life of the color

Dye (where vinegar is used to fix the color of clothing dye) but results may vary.

- It is expected that the hair will take a few weeks to adapt to the new condition. Commercial products drain natural hair oils

So the hair will make an extra effort to restore them, which can lead to the hair becoming drier or more oily until the body finds its new balance.

- It was found that most vinegar moisturizers only need to wash and dry the shags only two or three times a week.

- Use vinegar once every two weeks to get rid of the effects of the previous moisturizer and adapt to the new situation.

- Like any moisturizing product, it warns against vinegar entering the eyes when used.

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