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What are the benefits of white turnips for the skin

What are the benefits of white turnips for the skin

The benefits of white turnip for skin and hair are known to many research centers, it is a vegetable with excellent nutritional density, and is called the king of vegetables in addition to its richness in vitamins and antioxidants that promote health after Ways, and is easy to add to the diet, where it can be enjoyed with soups, salads, juices and roasting. We will mention the benefits of white kale for skin, hair and slimming :

1. Kale promotes weight loss

You can enjoy a sense of satiety easily without eating more calories or fat, by eating kale is rich in fiber ( 5g per one cup), low in calories ( 36 calories in one cup) and do not contain any fat.

Fiber helps digestion and lowers cholesterol, great for increasing metabolism along with the high content of vitamin C, (100g of kale provides twice as much calcium per day as required), so it is an excellent weight loss option.

2. Kale is rich in vitamin K

A diet rich in vitamin K can lower the risk of various types of cancer, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Vitamin K has also been found to help with bone health, blood clotting, antioxidant activity and Alzheimer's disease.

This important vitamin is found in kale and also in spinach, asparagus and broccoli, animal products such as cheese, eggs, meat, strawberries, legumes and soy.

3. Kale is good for skin and hair

As is known, vitamins A and C, essential for skin health, prevent early signs of aging on the skin and skin and help reduce damage caused by free radicals. Kale is also rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which help deal with hair breakage problems as well as strengthen hair roots, and distribute blood in the scalp to make hair stronger.

4. Kale contains more iron than beef

Compared to beef, every 100g of kale contains 1.5 mg of iron which is similar to the iron found in 100g of beef. What makes turnips a great source of iron and his new name is ( new beef).

Iron is essential for good health, as it helps the brain by supplying the blood with oxygen effectively supports muscle function too.

Other sources of iron

- The number, soy, legumes, cereals, bread, Spinach, figs, meat, broccoli and whole grains.

5. Kale richer calcium than milk

The benefits of calcium are known by everyone, and compared to milk, kale is richer in calcium every 100 g of kale contains 150 mg of calcium versus 125 mg in 100 g milk.

Calcium helps promote bone health and maintain a healthy metabolism, and it is best to eat kale raw to get the most calcium that is much reduced when cooking.

6. Kale contains more vitamin C than oranges

Oranges are known to be the richest source of vitamin C than all other fruits, and 100g of oranges provide 88% of the amount needed per day for human consumption, while 100g of kale provides twice as much vitamin C per day. Which means that one gram of kale contains two times more vitamin C than one gram of Orange.

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