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What are the benefits of wild thyme for the skin?

What are the benefits of wild thyme for the skin?

Benefits of wild thyme for the skinعت thyme is a herbaceous plant belonging to the mint plant family and we probably got to know it through spices

But after reflection it is much more than just an ordinary item.

There are a lot of impressive uses, since thyme has more than 400 species for it,

The ancient Egyptians used it in embalming operations and the Greeks used it as incense.

Thanks to its characteristic taste thyme has remained a staple food to this day, but has gained a good reputation.

Due to its medicinal qualities, pharmaceutical, such as its ability to treat acne and high blood pressure.

Information about thyme:

  • Benefits of wild thyme for the skin :

If you are tired of trying and buying pharmaceutical substances to treat acne because you did not get

On good results you are unlucky, thanks to the antibacterial properties of thyme is expected to become

In the future, the main ingredient for combating acne, when thyme is soaked with medical alcohol for days or weeks

It turns into a so-called tincture, and researchers in the UK have tested the effects of thyme tincture on acne.

In one of the studies of thyme tincture that looked impressive, this herbal remedy fights

Pimples are better than products that treat acne and that contain the compound benzoyl peroxide, time

Tell us if this treatment is actually effective treatment for acne.

  • Thyme lowers blood pressure:

Linear thymus is a type of thyme found in Pakistan and Afghanistan

In a study on mice it was found that the use of thyme lowers heart rate with a rise in pressure

Blood also has the ability to lower the rate of cholesterol, a proven way to use thyme in lowering the rate.

Heartbeat is replaced with salt in everyday foods.

  • Thyme stops coughing:

Concentrated thyme oil extracted from its leaves is a natural remedy for cough, in a study found

The combination of thyme and ivy leaves is considered a remedy to relieve cough and symptoms associated with bronchitis

Try drinking thyme tea at times when you have a cough or sore throat.

  • Helps to increase immunity

To give your body all the vitamins daily is a big challenge, fortunately thyme is full of vitamin C

It is a good source of vitamin A, if you have a cold thyme will keep it away and return you to good health, among other benefits.

It is that it is a source of copper-fiber-iron and manganese.

  • Thyme is an antiseptic:

Mold is a common pollutant in the air that can be in your home, when it is confirmed

It should take the necessary steps to get rid of oregano oil may be the answer to reduce the concentration of mold in the air, has

Organic oil of thyme and Methol has antifungal properties, and research suggests its use as a home antiseptic from mold .

  • Pest control:

Thymol is used in the pesticide industry whether used outdoors or indoor and is used to exterminate

Mice-rats - and other animal pests, in a recent study showed that thyme contributes to the reduction of mosquitoes that

It abounds in gardens, and for the best result in pest control rub the thyme leaves with your hands until the oil is extracted from them

You can make a home insect repellent by mixing 4 drops of thyme oil per teaspoon of olive oil

Or mix 5 drops of thyme oil per 2 ounces of water.

  • For a pleasant aroma:

Today you can find a lot of organic and natural skincare products

Which are sold in retail stores and contains thyme, and because of its antiseptic and anti-fungal is used

In the manufacture of mouthwash it is a commonly used ingredient in deodorants added to be included in dryers.

  • Works to adjust the mood:

Thyme is an essential oil used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes to contain

Active substance carvacrol, in a 2013 study found the effect of carvacrol on the activity of nerve cells where.

Increases positive emotions in people, so if using thyme or oregano oil routinely, you'll

On positive results on your feelings and mood.

  • Used for good food:

Thyme is an ingredient used in cooking all over the world, especially France-Italy-and the White Sea countries

Medium, thyme is a key ingredient in pesto sauce and is used as a condiment and it is possible to add pasta or rice to it

The succulent leaves or wort can be fully used to prepare meat or chicken and can also be used with fish as

It is in the white fish recipe which is a heart healthy recipe, whole wheat pasta with cheese, mushrooms and thyme

It is considered a favorite recipe in childhood and is a great way to add thyme to the diet.

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