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What are the best foods for pregnant food?

What are the best foods for pregnant food?

The pregnant lady may be confused and wonder what kind of food is good for her health and the health of the fetus? What foods feed and strengthen her fetus? What are the top tips when eating? Follow us to find out the answer to your questions during pregnancy

The best food for pregnant women and their fetus:

1. Dates, wet and dates:

It is the food that Our Lady Mary, daughter of Imran, recommended in his saying: "Shake the trunk of the palm to you and fall on you wetly."

The best food for the mother and the fetus from the first months to the ninth month dates in all stages (dates, wet, passing,..) helps to capture and strengthen the muscles of the uterus and thus facilitate normal birth and reduce and prevent counterfeiting after birth, and dates contain natural sugars very useful to the mother and fetus while taking care to eat an individual number of dates when eating an individual number of dates the sugars turn into carbohydrates, giving energy to the body when eating the number of my husbands From dates, sugar turns into harmful sugars and also increases potassium in the body.

2. Milk and its derivatives:

Milk and its derivatives in general contain a very high percentage of calcium, which helps build the bones of the fetus as well as strengthen the bones and teeth of the mother.

3.Whole grains:

Whole grains such as wheat and oats contain a high percentage of fiber and vitamin, which is considered one of the most important antioxidants, it is responsible for the regeneration and construction of fetal and maternal cells.

4. Fish, especially salmon:

Fish contain a high percentage of omega-3, which is largely responsible for fetal eye health and nervous system safety, as well as for the mother.


We also know that fruits contain many beneficial vitamins and fluids as well, so fruits help greatly strengthen the immunity of the fetus and the mother and also important for the safety of the nervous and muscular system of both parties.

6. Leafy vegetables:

Such as lettuce, spinach, cabbage, baking, ... They all contain a good percentage of iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins important in bone and muscle formation, strengthening vision and strengthening the immune system.


Eggs contain a high percentage of proteins that help build cells and muscles, and also contain a substance called choline, a substance that helps build and form the fetus's brain and compensate the mother with proteins and vitamins that she loses during pregnancy.

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