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What are blackheads in the face .. Causes and treatment ?

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What are blackheads? These blackheads mainly appear on the nose where the nose is one of the most oil-secreting areas of the face, and this secretion increases with oily skin, and this excess fat is a normal condition that does not entail any health problems but affects the appearance of the outer nose as a result of the interaction of fat with dust and

Home remedies

Milk mask with sandalwood

We add milk to one tablespoon of sandalwood powder to form a mask paste for the nose, 15 minutes, then wash the face with cold water, this method will help to remove excess oil, besides cooling the skin 

Mask of yogurt and mint

Mix a tablespoon of yogurt with two tablespoons of mint juice, apply to the nose 15-20 minutes, then wash thoroughly with cold water.

This mask not only removes excess oil from the nose but helps your skin look younger and brighter while giving its freshness and softness.


We make a light solution of water and vinegar, put it on small cotton to wipe the nose and rub it for 5 minutes and then leave 15 minutes, then wash the face with cold water, vinegar will absorb the excess oil with the nose along with removing blackheads, acne.


Lemon is considered the best remedy for removing excess oil on the nose thanks to its acidic nature, you can apply it with cotton after mixing it with sugar, repeated 2-3 times a day.

Honey and almonds

Honey and almonds are used to remove excess oil from the nose by leaving it 15 minutes on the nose, and this method also helps to give the nose shine and shine.

Cleaning and massage

Regular washing of the nose will help to remove the oily layer of the nose, this procedure is to prevent oil buildup after applying natural remedies, and we can lightly massage the nose during washing to induce fat to come out.

Tips to relieve fat excretion

Do not over-wash the face, as removing the oil completely will stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more.

Drinking the daily need of water will make your skin a state of hydration because its dryness stimulates the secretion and accumulation of oil on it.

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