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What are the causes and treatment of bad breath?

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It's bad and embarrassing to start taking foul breaths while talking to one of your friends.

It is often caused by eating garlic and not brushing teeth after it, but there are other guilty but not widely known reasons.

Check out these surprising causes behind bad breath and discover ways to solve them.

- I don't have tonsils

75% of patients with high amounts of sulfur (which causes a bad breath smell) in their mouth have tonsil stones.

If the term is not very well known, tonsil stones are a mixture of bacteria and debris that settle behind the larynx.

They accumulate in small pockets on the tonsils. As for the treatment is bicarbonate of soda, rinsed with bicarbonate of soda helps.

In getting rid of these bacteria, according to a dental specialist, the alkaline substance works to get rid of the acidity of the mouth.

- Mouth fresheners

According to the American Chemical Society, the sugar found in gum and mints can cause the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Peppermint and other mouth fresheners are a good way to cover bad breath, but not for long. In case

Having to chew mint gum let it be the sugar-free type, it is recommended to use a brush to rub the tongue and get rid of.

Solid food particles that cause bad breath

- The fresh air.

According to Reader's Digest, while fresh air is very useful for the body, very cold air in winter dries the mouth and causes havoc.

The result can be an unpleasant mouth odor associated with allergies, permanent dry mouth, or a runny nose.

- Tonsillitis

If you have laryngeal diseases, you may experience a persistent case of bad breath. The tonsillectomy

It can get rid of bitter and bad mouth odor.

- Excessive weight gain

According to researchers, the greater the weight gain, the more susceptible it is to an unpleasant mouth odor. The team discovered that obesity can.

To be a risk factor in causing mouth odor and can be due to sleep apnea, breathing with difficulty, or eating.

A lot of unhealthy cuisines.

- Digestive disorder

The digestive disorder is considered the main cause of bad breath, and to get rid of the smell must be treated as the main cause of problems.

Various digestion, such as enteritis, stomach ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome. 

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