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What are the causes of brain function change?

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Causes of brain function change, the human brain is one of the most mysterious organs in our body, scientists discover one day.

Day after day secrets of its amazing functions are influenced by the way we interact with the ocean and others and the quality of habits, food, and lifestyle around us.

Scientists are trying to understand these brain changes in a variety of human activities and emotions.

And are these changes related to the functions of trial, thinking, memorizing, and focusing, so we review the most important ones :

Pregnancy and procreation change the structure of the brain

Noted scholars effects of pregnancy on the brain to reduce gray matter responsible for social cognition and understanding of others.

The importance of these changes has been demonstrated in strengthening the mother's connection with her child and understanding his needs and the risks surrounding him.

Love and hate

Found British scientists found that feelings of love, hatred, concentrated in the same area of the brain, and to raise this with.

Overeating love will significantly reduce the activity of the areas responsible for the trial and logical thinking.

Experts, therefore, advise the need for rational self-control.

Dehydration allergy

Water makes up 80% of our brain structure, and losing 2% of the fluid will reduce the concentration.

Alertness, short-term memory, and other cognitive abilities.

Lack of sleep

UCLA scientists have pointed to the effect of lack of sleep on the deterioration of memory cells and the accumulation of toxins in them.

And she has Alzheimer's, and experts point to the need for enough sleep before midnight to avoid sleep that causes brain stress.

Direct sleep after meals should be avoided as it carries the significant heart and nutritional risks.

Frequent drunkenness

Large amounts of fructose destroy cerebral nerve connections, cause brain lethargy, concentration, remembering, and learning.

The most dangerous are soft drinks along with spices, sauces, and processed baby food.

Scientists, by contrast, point to the importance of natural omega-3 in the treatment of this disorder.

Impact of motherhood

Brain imaging applied to mothers showed clear activity of the areas responsible for affection and tenderness.

Which differ in their centers from the areas of sexual arousal associated with romantic feelings.

This explains why the behavior of mothers changes the direction of husbands after the activity of the zones of affection and tenderness.

Meditation and reflection

Research suggests the importance of meditation and reflection in the process of improving brain reactivity among spaced areas to prevent brain lethargy and body aging.


In her research, Oxford emphasized the importance and preference of reading in preserving the brain and stimulating its cognitive abilities, and activating the inactive ones.

In contrast, research has suggested that access to computer games and watching TV is at risk of decreased brain function and decreased brain function.

Constant stress

Studies show reduced memory and learning abilities for people with anxiety, stress, anger speed, emotion, and poor self-control.

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