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What are the causes of early aging and its treatment?

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Causes of early aging the word aging today has become associated with early cases between the ages of 35-40, and aging has become priority attention of researchers and centers of psychological and nutritional care.

Which warns of changing human lifestyles in the modern era towards ready, wrong, and stimulating forms of accelerated aging:


Excessive or artificial intake of food is one of the causes of the increase of free radicals in the body.

Which leads to cell damage and aging, so healthy eating is recommended.

Represented by whole wheat, fruits, and vegetables, moderation in it, avoid salt, sugar, and preservatives.

Sleep disorder

Lack of sleep or excessive sleep disrupts the biological clock regulating body functions.

The disorder leads to lethargy and sagging of the body's cells, increasing the chances of aging and disease.


Temporary stress is essential for the health and revitalization of the body and the burning of the stock accumulated in it.

But constant stress is one of the causes of the occurrence of total and migraine headaches, heart disease, cell damage, and aging.

Some experts say that man's youth is the age of his arteries, and that stress, anger, and anxiety are the biggest factors that destroy the arteries.

Lethargy and laziness

Scientists describe pathological laziness as a necessary condition for the symptoms of lethargy caused by certain diseases.

But the seriousness of laziness becomes greater with the state of motor lethargy that arises from leisure life and office work patterns.

And riding a car that causes an increase in the percentage of accumulations and calcifications on the skeleton.

Facilities for muscle stiffness with impaired blood perfusion and metabolism.

This causes premature body aging, and motor and psychological lethargy are critical to increasing rates of aging around the world.

The accumulation of toxins

The accumulation of toxins may result in the storage of nutrients around for a long time.

Which in turn inhibits hormone functions and accelerates aging.

Here doctors advise the need to fast food at regular intervals per month to force the body to consume and replenish the stock.

Besides consuming supportive vegetables to expel toxins, this procedure helps purify the blood, skin, liver, digestive and immune systems.

Smoking, alcohol, and drugs

The toxins of cigarettes, hookahs, alcohol, and drugs are among the greatest threats to human life.

Increased chances of developing cancers, diabetes, blood pressure, Alzheimer's, obesity, skin damage, aging, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

No adjusting sugar and pressure

The process of early detection of diabetes and pressure, and adjust it regularly.

It will allow patients to live a normal life away from the side effects of the disease.

Early detection of these diseases will allow us to treat them with herbs permanently and permanently.

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