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What are the causes of high blood pressure and prevention

What are the causes of high blood pressure and prevention

Causes of Hypertension what are they? Before answering the question, we must define blood pressure as the force of blood pressure on the walls of the arteries, and the increase of this force is described by doctors as hypertension.

The terms used by doctors to express blood pressure are systolic (when the heart beats) and diastolic (when the heart relaxes), and blood pressure is measured in millimeters Mercury (mmHg).

Risks of high blood pressure

  • High blood pressure is measured above 140 mmHg (systolic) and 90 mmHg (diastolic).
  • High blood pressure raises the rate of blood flow and stresses the heart, damaging the arteries, brain, kidneys, and eyes.
  • High blood pressure is one of the causes of stroke and dementia, and high blood pressure without access to medical care puts the sufferer at risk of bursting arteries and stopping the heart from working.
  • The greatest risk of hypertension occurs when the disease is unknown, and the disease may only be detected after chronic heart or kidney problems.
  • Hypertension does not distinguish between race, age or sex, and usually affects people with age, except for people with a healthy weight who follow an exercise with a low salt diet.
  • High blood pressure fluctuates during the day, reaches its lowest level when sleeping, and rises when waking up.
  • Blood pressure can rise when you feel angry, excited and happy, and remain high as long as the feeling is present.

Preventive tips

  • A balanced diet with a low salt content should be followed
  • Avoid canned and industrial products that use sodium as an additive, and this is stated in the ingredients leaflet on the product.
  • Exercise and fitness stimulate the body to adjust hormones, sugar, and blood pressure.
  • A balanced, low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables should be followed while avoiding alcohol.
  • Work on diet and weight loss because obesity is one of the causes of disruption of functions in the body, including blood pressure.
  • Lifestyle changes train the mind to ease anger, stress, and anxiety quickly, for example by resorting to yoga, a lukewarm water bath, and an early morning walk.
  • Periodically check with your doctor who oversees your health to detect and treat the disease before the risks to other parts of the body worsen.

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