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What are the causes of infant hair loss ?

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In most cases, infant hair loss may be caused by too much play, harsh chemicals, heat drying, tight braids, and clamps, or the use of tight hair brushes.

Some cases are not caused by external factors that may be symptoms of internal or psychological diseases, especially for children aged 26 months, and may require immediate medical care.

Ringworm of the head

Is a fungal infection that forms on the scalp, and causes hair loss as a result of injury to the hair follicles directly infected, and may lead to her death, and some doctors have classified the occurrence of sudden psychological factors that affect children such as anxiety, fear, and stress.

Alopecia areata

It is a non-infectious condition caused by the body's immune system after attacking the hair follicles in the head, and appears as an Oval spot free of hair, but does not lead to the death of the follicles, and doctors have sometimes classified it as a psychological disease.

Hair plucking mania

Children's inability to restrain the desire to grab hair from the head is usually caused by stress and pressure on the child, so doctors classified it as compulsive, impulsive, and spontaneous plucking.

Crappy hair loss

It may occur with sudden stress that disrupts the natural growth cycle of the hair, maybe caused by high fever or surgery under general anesthesia or due to psychological stress, may be caused by some chemical drugs, and often the hair returns to growth within six months or a year

Disturbance of food balance

Hair loss may be a symptom of a lack of increase of certain nutrients in the body, manifested by an increase in vitamin A or a deficiency of biotin, vitamin (H) or (B) complex that contribute to the metabolism of energy-activated carbohydrates, and may be caused by a lack of zinc and essential minerals contributing to the metabolism of food in the body.

Endocrine problems

Some children have cases of hypothyroidism leading to a disturbance of hormones that contribute to the regulation of metabolism, which causes Weak head hair, and this condition requires immediate medical consultation.

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