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What are the causes of persistent tinnitus?

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Causes of continuous tinnitus, tinnitus is a temporary or continuous condition, and its causes are multiple and sometimes unknown.

It lasts for years and suddenly disappears, and most doctors point to the need to train our brains to ignore sound until the brain is programmed.

But around us, some things cause tinnitus to worsen and increase its intensity, which is the following: :

Loud sound

Tinnitus worsens with loud sounds, causes hearing loss and temporary tinnitus for non-tinnitus sufferers, it is advised.

Wear earplugs in noisy places, especially for children.

Anxiety stress and sleep

Tinnitus worsens with late-night, sleep disturbance, anxiety, and stress that disrupt the body, and we should reduce them.

Practicing sports, yoga, deep breathing, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Problems with Jaws

Tinnitus worsens with problems of the jaws, as a result of the involvement of the temporomandibular joint with the nerves and ligaments connected to the middle ear.

The dentist, ear, oral and maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted.


Tinnitus worsens with the accumulation of inner ear wax, and we avoid removing it if it is agitated and deep to avoid damage to the tympanic membrane.

A doctor should be consulted in its removal.

Infections and allergies

Tinnitus may occur and worsen with colds or allergies.

Tinnitus for post-healing of the disease.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure disorder is one of the causes of tinnitus as a result of the disturbance of blood perfusion in the ears, and we must measure the pressure.

In the morning and evening and during the occurrence of tinnitus to diagnose the condition well.

Alcohol, smoking, and caffeine

Drinking alcohol is one of the causes of blood pressure disorder that causes tinnitus and worsens its symptoms, and may become a condition.

Lasting and lasting for years with constant drinking.

Cigarette substances, mainly nicotine, are among the causes of increased tinnitus, due to the effect of cigarettes on high blood pressure.

Caffeine, coffee, and tea are causes of high blood pressure, leading to severe tinnitus.

Depression and anger

Depression and anger affect the human emotional state, the sounds seem to him to be loud and above their normal limit, which causes an exacerbation.

Symptoms of tinnitus that increase more and more with antidepressants, it is recommended to consult a doctor for inappropriate treatment.


Tinnitus worsens with frequent intake of antibiotics, antidepressants, infections, analgesics, cancer drugs, diuretics

And high aspirin doses.

Other problems

Tinnitus is aggravated with migraines, anemia, thyroid, structural and autoimmune problems, we should do periodic examinations.

Systematic diagnosis of appropriate treatment.

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