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What are the causes of premature skin aging?

What are the causes of premature skin aging ?

Some daily tips may support the vitality of our skin, prevent its weakness and pallor, and nutrition and beauty centers around the world advise general lines to maintain the health of the skin as the greatest area of the beauty of our bodies.

The skin is the first barrier against germs and bacteria and is the biggest factor against the emergence of our old age, the health of the skin is the title of beauty and wellness, and in return, the sagging and wrinkling of the skin with scars and pigmentation, are only bad habits of neglect and excessive in some things that we should avoid.

Every stage of life has its beauty and radiance, but here we are talking about delaying the pyramid of the skin and its premature aging, to sustain the luster of our skin as long as possible.

Factors affecting skin health

Shocks, scratches, heat, cold, dryness, and humidity, exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, chemicals with cosmetics and cosmetics, bad diet, hormonal disorder, lack of exercise, and diseases.

Care products reliable

Some care and beauty products promise to clean the skin, remove acne, are not subject to health monitoring items, and can cause damage to skin cells, so keep reliable types.

Gentle detergents

 Some types of soaps and cleansers with alcohol, dyes, perfumes and deprive your skin of its natural oils and makes it dry, scaly, you need natural materials with concentrations low, and avoid hot water is the cause of sagging skin.

Natural moisturizers

Moisturizers help your skin stay fresh, and your best bet is homemade skin moisturizers with natural ingredients that don't contain any additives or preservatives.


Sun exposure is a major cause of skin cancer, aging, and wrinkles in women as a result of their sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, and doctors advise some prevention measures by standing in the shade, avoiding direct rays, wearing protective clothing well, and using light sunscreens.

 Avoid smoking

The harmful effects of smoking include all body systems, especially the skin, and a recent study showed that smokers have about three times more chances of developing skin cancer than non-smokers, as smoking accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and pallor of the face as a result of hypoxia of cells.

Diet and sports

Following Light Sports with a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables without overeating meals and sugars, will support skin tightening and delay aging.

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