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What are the causes of the roughness of the skin?

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The causes of the roughness of the skin must be known because the issue of skincare is an important and fateful issue for both men and women, and the more the period of neglect, the more difficulties of treatment, and the lifestyle we follow may be one of the reasons for the demolition and destruction of the skin and may exceed in

Visit sugary and fatty foods

The consumption of unusual amounts of daily sugar accelerates the production of collagen-destroying substances in the skin, causing sagging, lack of elasticity, frizz, pallor, and increased oxidation.

Sleep with make-up

Frequent use of makeup and makeup leads to fatigue of the skin with an increase in additives and oxidants, and its continuation after sleep leads to clogging of pores, accumulation of contaminants, cell damage, and the occurrence of wrinkles.

Care products during adolescence

Increased skin fat secretion during adolescence is a normal condition, but excessive use of fat-removing preparations is an unhealthy condition, it may lead to dry and rough skin after the age of 30, as a result of overwork of fat cells during adolescence by releasing moisturizing oils to the skin after drying the skin with lotions.

Neglect of healthy foods and skincare routine

The weekly care routine with natural moisturizers, health masks is an important opportunity to activate skin cells, support damaged ones, our diet should be supported with antioxidant and moisturizing foods to increase skin youth and freshness, we must mitigate skin peeling and not overdo it to remove its fat, and not neglect medical treatment of skin diseases for fear of

Beware of scented soap, alcohol, and caffeine

Laundry soap and care products containing fragrances and preservatives cause skin sensitivity and irritation and make it more susceptible to damage over the long term, drinking alcohol and caffeine makes our skin vulnerable to lack of water, and the occurrence of destructive dehydration of the construction and restoration processes, exposing us to premature skin sagging.

The neglect of allergic diseases

 Food Allergy and spring allergy are types of the disorder leading to dehydration, rash, irritation, flaking, itching, and redness, and should be treated after consulting a doctor whether with herbs or medications.

Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties are caused by cases of leaching, congestion, deviation of the pace in the nose and inflammation of the lungs, and the lack of oxygen causes pallor and lack of freshness and radiance of the skin, so we find the need to support the skin with sports, yoga and deep breathing exercises to supply the skin cells with oxygen.

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