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What are the causes of spasms of the feet during sleep?

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Causes of spasm of the feet during sleep are many where cramps tonight is a real nightmare for many people who wake up at night without the ability to go back to sleep again and become insomnia after the demise of the spasm and pain, and the contraction of the leg muscles and the soles of the feet, and May last for seconds or :


Water makes up 75% of the formation of muscle tissue, its dryness causes nutrient deficiency and disruption of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium, which causes muscle spasm.

Lack of nutrition

Sodium, potassium, and calcium are essential elements for muscle health and the generation of nerve impulses, magnesium plays an important role in stabilizing the nutrient energy of the muscles, along with the importance of vitamin B12 in stimulating muscle function.

Prolonged and permanent burnout

Contractions occur as a result of stress caused by excessive food, sleep, sitting in an incorrect position, or standing for long periods with high heels and tight shoes, and are also causes of varicose veins


Pregnant women are more prone to nocturnal leg cramps, they occur during the second and third trimester of pregnancy, their severity varies depending on the degree of fatigue, the severity of the baby, and uterus pressure on the nerves and blood vessels.


The lack of calcium causes pain, weakness, numbness, and muscle spasm, along with the effect of hypothyroidism on the impaired nutrient metabolism of the muscles.

Not adjusting diabetes

Neglect of blood sugar control in diabetics is one of the causes of leg spasm under the influence of dehydration caused by excessive urination, and spasm may be a symptom of diabetic neuropathy, represented by a feeling of pain, numbness, and tingling.


The effects of alcoholic beverages appear with age, they are the most harmful to the nervous system, cause diuresis, dehydration of the body, magnesium deficiency, and increased lactic acid that causes muscle spasms pain.


Some medications cause this type of cramps and cramps, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, diuretics, antipsychotics, birth control pills, and steroids 

Tips for treating night leg spasm

Support the body with fluids by day, avoid alcoholic, carbonated drinks and coffee.

Stretch and relax the leg and massage it 15 minutes before bedtime, or ride a bike 10 minutes before bedtime.

Support the body with magnesium and potassium from its natural sources, magnesium supplements for pregnant women should be avoided, and consult a doctor to do so.

Walk or shake a leg after a contraction sends a signal to the brain that our muscles need to relax, and accelerates its recovery.

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