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What are the damages of roasting bread and starches?

What are the damages of roasting bread and starches? roasting bread roasted garlic bread baked garlic bread roasted garlic sourdough best bread for roast beef sandwich oven baked garlic bread roasted garlic rosemary bread caramelized sheet pan french toast roasted garlic and rosemary bread dutch oven garlic bread

The harm of roasting bread is usually practiced by many, as our tables and meals are not without roasted and grilled foods that we can not resist its magical flavor and golden crunch, often in breakfasts in the form of toast, and at lunch with fried potatoes, but what if we ask ourselves about its nutritional safety?

We may find an answer to our question in the ongoing research on food safety, and the extent to which it is associated with disease and cancer rates.

In this regard, food safety scientists have issued a serious cancer warning when starchy foods acquire a brown color by roasting.

Scientists have expressed this danger by increasing amide acrylic in burnt and roasted foods, causing damage to our DNA.

The warning also points to the danger of cooling potatoes, when refrigerated, cooling raises the levels of sugars in vegetables, increasing the amount of acrylic amide during cooking.

Researchers, therefore, recommend not turning starchy foods Brown when cooked, preserving them yellow, while storing raw potatoes in a dark place with a heat of more than 6 degrees Celsius.

Studies also recommend a varied and balanced diet, to help ward off the risk of cancer.

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