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What are the effects of emotional trauma?

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The effects of emotional trauma highlight physical pain as clear symptoms of organic diseases, but the state of negation of the medical problem after the clinical examination may push us to negative psychological indicators that cause these pains on various parts of the body, and these pains are clear signals for some emotional-psychological problems that we should avoid their causes before exacerbating the symptoms :


Headaches and migraines are clear indicators of our state of stress and anxiety, and we must alleviate them before serious organic problems occur.


Neck pain is associated with patients prone to emotional trauma or those who have a feeling of non-forgiveness for others, and the condition is explained by the inhibition and physical inactivity caused by the trauma, caused by the lack of energy-focused speech

Around the neck 


Shoulder pain is associated with stress caused by too many emotional burdens and causes simultaneous muscle spasm with a state of disability in which the patient feels unable to bear the burdens.

Upper back

Upper back pain is associated with people at risk of deprivation and lack of emotional support between family relationships, spouses and friends.

Lower back

Research has linked lower back pain to psychological problems caused by physical losses, which cause a state of inhibitory psychomotor stability in the process of getting back to work.


Arm and elbow pain may be a simultaneous cause of emotional stress caused by the difficulty of dealing with Life Changes, described as a lack of social flexibility, and they are advised to adapt to the renewed variables.


Poor social life can cause increased hand pain with a sense of loneliness and a lack of friends, and they are advised to change their lifestyle towards community engagement.

Thighs and hips

Thigh pain may be associated with the frequent feeling of fear and confusion when making decisions, and the psychological impact of the pain condition may extend to the hips, and they are advised to push fear and make decisions bravely.


Knee pain is associated with an increase in the human upper ego and an attempt to enlarge it on others, and they are advised to volunteer to treat the condition.


Patient registration data showed simultaneous states of leg pain and the state of jealousy and emotional envy that the patient experiences in his life.


Ankle pain is accompanied by a feeling of emotional lethargy caused by a lack or excessive immersion in the pleasures of life, and they are advised to adjust and regulate their daily requirements.


Foot pain may be an initial indicator of the onset of depression, a serious condition caused by the inability to achieve gains and victories in life.

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