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What are the harms of hand sanitizer?

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The damage of hand sanitizer that we resort to in order not to have too much to wash hands of dirt, bacteria, and germs, and to find in our places water and soap, we resort to the use of industrial hand wash, which is probably a good alternative for many people in these difficult and critical times, but what do we know about the :

Risks of using industrial hand wash

Studies show the futility of antibiotics used in sterilizers as a result of hand bacteria resistance to them over time as a result of the evolution of the strain of bacteria, turning it into a stronger form of attack on the body.

The study has linked the risks of these antibiotics used with the lotion with hormonal disorders in children who use them on the soft skin of their hands, making their lives threatened by many health problems when they are young, and alcohol poisoning may occur when they accidentally reach the mouth in children.

The antibiotics used in these antiseptics may have negative effects on the immune system, making our bodies ' internal Defense Health vulnerable to bacteria.

Industrial disinfectants generally contain 60% alcohol which evaporates very quickly before cleaning and rinsing your hands from bacteria and germs in an effective manner.

Some studies point to the high risk of alcohol in these disinfectants as a major cause of dry skin and thus increased bacterial growth and reproduction on the surface of the skin.

Manufacture of natural hand wash at home 

If we have to use the hand wash outside the house where we can't find soapy water, we can make it at home with natural and healthy materials :

We take a small spray bottle, fill half with water and add to it :

  • 15 drops of lavender oil
  • 15 drops of lemon oil
  • 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel
  • 8-10 drops of vitamin E oil
  • These natural oils effectively fight germs and bacteria, as well as being natural moisturizers for hand skin, and the bottle must be shaken before each use.

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