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What are the harms of too much sleep?

What are the harms of too much sleep ?  frequent sleep frequent sleep paralysis waking up frequently at night arms falling asleep frequently frequent night waking frequent dreaming sleep paralysis frequently waking up frequently frequent naps causes of frequent sleeping

The truth is that sleep gives our bodies rest, serenity, some people believe that sleeping too you will find their potential risks for the few sleep, Vivo users for long hours, unaware of the findings of the researchers of the potential risks that make them say that too much sleep more dangerous than you said for the following reasons :


Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found in a database study of adults who sleep nine hours a night continuously, are about six times more likely to develop dementia than people who sleep six hours a night.

Heart disease

Doctors refer to too much sleep as a key factor for premature aging, atherosclerosis, and the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels as a result of the heart rate dropping to 55 beats per minute after four hours of sleep, resulting in decreased blood flow through the arteries, and the deposition of large particles of blood.

Doctors here suggest that you should interrupt sleep at night, wake up after four hours of sleep, do activities, and follow up sleep afterward.


ED is a symptom of lack of sleep as a result of fatigue and physical exhaustion, but the appearance of Ed with frequent sleep is a serious indicator of hormonal organic disorder, as a result of heart weakness, cholesterol deposition, narrowing of the arteries, and their nutrition of the genital areas, a clear indicator of impaired metabolism and impaired nerves.

Functional disorder

The methodology of functional work in our bodies adopts complex and precise mechanisms to regulate the vital balance of the internal organs to function perfectly .the programs work are mainly based on the control of the internal biological clock, in terms of regulating hormones and their excretion hours, stimulating the organs working during the day to activate the body and stimulating the organs working at night to clean up toxins and free radicals that cause cancer. too much or too little sleep is a major factor in the disturbance of the biological clock causing the functional disorder.


Studies show a decrease in the incidence of strokes in people who wake up early before the onset of the sun tablet, as a result of timely activation of blood circulation, preventing decreased blood flow caused by cholesterol deposition and atherosclerosis.

In general, lack of exercise and frequent sleep increases atherosclerosis, and frequent daytime and nighttime sleep is a key factor for cancer.

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