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What are the health benefits of ginger for women?

What are the health benefits of ginger for women?

Ginger, a popular ingredient in cooking, especially in Asian and Indian cuisine, has also been used for medicinal purposes over thousands of years, and ginger has countless benefits, it is a general tonic and antibiotic comparable to the benefits of garlic and onions .

Benefits of ginger

Eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds is associated with a reduced risk of many health conditions and diseases. Overall, some herbs and spices additional health benefits. Ginger is one of them. Researchers have shown that ginger contains thousands of compounds and metabolites, some of which contribute to treatment.

Gingerols and shogaols are considered to be the most studied and researched components.

1. Helps with digestion

Phenolic compounds in ginger are known to help calm intestinal irritability, stimulate the production of saliva and liver bile, and suppress intestinal contraction when food and liquid move through the digestive tract.

At the same time, Ginger shows beneficial effects on trypsin enzymes and pancreatic lipase, increasing the ease of movement in the digestive system.

Ginger is believed to help from constipation and colon cancer.

2. Nausea

Chewing raw ginger or drinking ginger tea is a common home remedy for nausea during cancer treatment.

Eating ginger for travel sickness also alleviates nausea but has not been shown to prevent vomiting.

It is safe to use Nigella when pregnant to calm the feeling of nausea.

3. To calm the cold and flu

During cold weather, eating ginger tea is a good way to be warm. It is a diaphoretic which promotes sweating, working to warm the body from inside and not from outside.

To prepare ginger tea, put 20-40 g fresh ginger slices in a glass of hot water.

A slice of lemon or a drop of honey is added for flavoring and for additional benefits including vitamin C and antibacterial properties. It forms a natural remedy for a cold or flu.

4. Pain relief

In a study of 74 volunteers at the University of Georgia, found that taking ginger supplements daily reduced muscle pain by 25 %

Ginger has also been shown to relieve the symptoms of indigestion, the fever pain that some women experience during their menstrual cycle.

5. Infections

Ginger has been used for centuries to relieve inflammation and treat inflammatory conditions.

A study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research said ginger supplements reduced the risk of developing colon rectal cancer in 20 volunteers.

Ginger was found to be moderately effective and significantly safe for the treatment of inflammation associated with osteoporosis.

6. Benefit cardiovascular health

Other potential uses of ginger include lowering cholesterol, the risk of blood clotting and helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Although more research is needed, if proven, ginger can be part of the treatment of heart disease and diabetes.

Nutritional content :

Ginger provides the body with an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

In every 100 g of fresh ginger there is:

  • 79 calories
  • 17.86 g of carbohydrates
  • 3.6 g of dietary fiber
  • 3.57 g of protein
  • 0 g of sugar
  • 14 mg of sodium
  • 1.15 g of iron
  • 7.7 mg of vitamin C
  • 33 mg of potassium

Plus, it contains vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, folate, niacin, riboflavin.

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