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What are the herbs that are beneficial for diabetics?

What are the herbs that are beneficial for diabetics?What are the herbs that are beneficial for diabetics?

Herbs useful for diabetics herbs and spices can be considered important friends of the diabetes diet, some of which stands out as an auxiliary treatment to adjust blood sugar, and others are manifested in improving the functionality and health in general to relieve the pressure of the symptoms of diabetes, and we can identify here 7 types of spices useful for diabetics, :


The 2014 Journal of medical science research showed the ability of basil to improve blood pressure control in the body, as high blood pressure is considered a dangerous form of diabetes pattern (2)


Cinnamon has stimulant and stimulating ingredients to lower blood sugar levels, and the 2013 Family Medicine and diabetes records showed the effectiveness of cinnamon in Type 2 diabetics by improving levels of LDL and HDL, fasting plasma glucose, and triglycerides, taken at 1g per day .


 Cinnamon should be avoided for those taking anticoagulants .


Clinical research has indicated the benefits of fenugreek in improving fasting blood sugar and increasing insulin sensitivity .


The 2015 Asia Pacific Journal of Nutrition notes the importance of garlic and its association with low fasting blood glucose levels, we can take it with chickpeas, broccoli and steamed spinach, and should consult a doctor in taking it with medications in general and medications for sugar, pressure and blood clotting in particular .


Ginger-based trials have shown promising results for diabetics in reducing oxidative levels in the body, and in improving cholesterol and insulin sensitivity .

Rosemary or rosemary

Rosemary stabilizes blood sugar besides being a heart tonic, an effective treatment for metabolic syndrome, Rosemary has an active chemical component called carnosol, a substance useful in relieving oxidative stress that causes cancer and inflammation .


We avoid rosemary for pregnant women may cause fetal loss .


Turmeric is an Indian spice known for its yellow color along with its global fame for curcumin dense with anti-inflammatory, oxidative and aging substances, helping to immunize nerves and heart, fight infections and improve weight loss, all of these benefits are associated in improving the functionality of the body with diabetes .


All previously recommended spices should be consulted with a doctor to avoid drug mixtures, and we must moderate their consumption .

A person should be aware of the spices that cause him allergies, some of them are dangerous and deadly .

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