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What are the most important minerals needed by the body?

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Where most people focus their attention on vitamins to strengthen the body and immunity and increase the health of the functioning and work of the brain, but we must know that all the nutrients of the body go in an integrated and balanced system that does not increase and does not decrease in the standard of achieving health and safety, :

Metal boron

Boron is a mineral necessary for the overall health of the body, bones and brain especially, and serves to prevent muscle pain, Alzheimer's and cancers, its deficiency leads to impaired absorption of magnesium and calcium.

Calcium mineral

The importance of calcium in improving the health of joints, teeth and bones and preventing their fragility has become popular with people, but we should know that this mineral is a cofactor for treating premenstrual syndrome and treating obesity and insomnia .

Chrome metal

Chromium is a rare mineral and is used in the absorption of glucose, it is the most important mineral for diabetics to increase the use of glucose by cells, and is considered a catalyst for burning fat and cholesterol as well .

Copper metal

Copper mineral is associated with the improvement of cerebral functions, and in the analgesia of articular symptoms, is used in the expulsion of sore throats and heart diseases, copper and iron are integrated in the correction of hemoglobin deficiency (hemoglobin) .

Metal iron

Iron is one of the most supportive minerals of hemoglobin, and its deficiency leads to anemia, which is necessary in improving immunity, muscle activity, metabolism, brain work and preventing insomnia and restless legs syndrome .

Magnesium metal

Magnesium is an important mineral for the treatment of high blood pressure and in the Prevention of heart attacks and diabetes, it is necessary for women during pregnancy as well as for those suffering from asthma .

Iodine mineral

The importance of iodine is manifested in the process of prevention of goiter and fibrocystic breast disease, its deficiency leads to the development of the listed diseases, it is a necessary element for the health of hair and skin .

Metal phosphorus

Phosphorus deficiency is associated with muscle weakness, enters and participates in sexual function, bone and dental health, and in the processes of supportive metabolism of the body.

Metal manganese

This mineral is used in metabolism, and the fight against fatigue, epilepsy, osteoarthritis and ankle sprain .

Potassium metal

Potassium works to correct low blood sugar, regulate blood pressure in the body and increase water flow through its parts, and in turn prevent heart disease .


Nutritional support of the body with minerals is through healthy foods or medical diagnosis of artificial supplements.

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