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What are the reasons for the appearance of rumen in men and women?

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The reasons for the appearance of rumen in men and women and girls are many, and it is known that stomach fat is very annoying especially when the summer season comes and the desire to appear in the most beautiful form.

But it's important to know that several habits make them difficult even with diet and exercise.

We will show 7 avoidable habits to enjoy a slim waist as desired.

  • Drink carbonated drinks regularly

Studies have shown that people who drink one or more cans of soda gain weight five times faster than those who eat one pack a week.

Diet soda is also not useful, as it contains large amounts of artificial sugar that opens the appetite and therefore pushes to eat more during meals.

The solution lies in replacing soda with a glass of fresh juice with a small amount of sugar, it helps in reducing belly fat.

  • Eat with large dishes

At the time of the normal meal, try to eat dishes smaller than usual, in research conducted on people obese, it turns out that these people tend to use large dishes rather than medium-sized or small, what makes them consume more food per serving. Which means more calories which in turn turns into fat around the waist.

The solution is to use small plates, and if you get the right amount of food and feel full there is no need to refill the dish again.

  • Late dinner

When you sleep, some of our biological systems are resting, including the digestive system, so when you fall asleep after a late dinner, it will be difficult to burn calories, too.

And the solution is to eat small meals at least 3 hours before bedtime will be ideal.

When you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you can eat a piece of fruit instead of sugar such as, when the desire to get rid of fat stomach should be eating smaller quantities.

  • Eating because of a bad feeling

Some when they feel angry, sad or nervous start eating. Especially high-calorie foods, where you must then follow a diet and exercise to get rid of excess calories.

The solution is to talk to a friend, drink a glass of water or even walk.

  • Eat low-fat foods more often

Most specialists withdraw that the secret of an effective diet is to eat often small meals.

Avocados, seeds and olive oil are rich in monounsaturated fats, which are useful and can help to twist the waist, but low-fat foods that are often added sugar to give flavor, and if eaten always lead to obesity.

The solution is to reduce the amount of food, and lose the fat content of food.

  • Little sleep

Without sleep, increasing stress hormone, rises the level of cholesterol in the body, which leads to appetite for sugary foods leads to increase calories. Sleeping well boosts the level of leptin in the bloodstream, helping to curb appetite and reducing belly fat.

Solution: control cholesterol level, adults should sleep between 7 – 10 hours every night.

  • Not eating enough protein

When you eat protein, your blood sugar level balances and lowers your insulin level while raising your metabolism. Protein also helps control appetite, so you should not overeat during meals.

Eating protein makes us feel full for longer, so you should not eat a snack is high in calories.

Solution: adults should eat 20 - 25g of protein per day, which varies from person to person depending on body size and activity. Men should consume 10g more protein to keep in shape.

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