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What are the symptoms and treatment of autism in children?

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Symptoms of autism in children ..... Autism is a common developmental disorder in children, and it begins to develop later in the child's personality with strange behavioral forms

And a low level of social interaction skills

Depending on the degree of early family and community care, the condition may persist or recover.

The following are the causes, symptoms, and treatment of this disorder :


Since the causes of autism are not known to researchers, they do not consider it a disease in itself.

As far as they consider it a personality and Behavior Disorder, a combination of genetic factors may affect it.

And the environment that some individuals avoid before marriage with tests for the likelihood of future children's autism.

Signs and symptoms

Monotonous speech boredom, dim voice, or isolation.

Repetitive movements such as fluttering hands and fiddling with fingers.

Lack of interaction with others, preference for playing with things.

Home autism treatments


Some studies have indicated the development of autism symptoms by exposure of the baby's intestines to bacteria and parasites.

That leaves toxic substances in the digestive ducts, so baby food should be supported by anti-inflammatory, oxidative, and microbial substances.

Turmeric is one of the most prominent.

Magnesium support

The diet of autistic children should be supported with magnesium, as its deficiency causes increased symptoms of vibration, tooth grinding, anxiety, poor concentration, and attention.

Fish oil

Studies have shown the benefits of omega-3 in supporting the social upbringing of autistic children by calming their hyperactivity and levels of violence.


Sleep disorder in autistic children causes irritability, anxiety, lack of concentration, and stress

You should therefore consult your doctor in taking melatonin supplements to adjust and regulate sleep.

We avoid taking them without consulting a doctor to avoid their serious side effects.


Malnutrition is one of the causes of the development of autism symptoms, so probiotics have been taken as the best treatment to stimulate the growth of digestion bacteria.

Working to improve food absorption and protect the intestines from infections, yogurt is a good source of probiotics.

Avoid sugar and gluten

Some studies find symptoms of autism receded with children who avoided processed foods and foods containing sugar and gluten.

Vitamin D support)

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women has been linked to higher rates of autism

The deficiency of this vitamin often affects autistic children with neurotransmitter and digestive disorders.

Vitamin C support)

Maintaining normal levels of vitamin C in autistic children will gradually relieve autism symptoms.

By developing collagen, activating antioxidants, stimulating cognitive function, and repairing cells.


The treatments mentioned are supportive supplements to the behavioral therapy done by the parents and the doctor.

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