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What are the Symptoms of breast cancer in girls ?

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Symptoms of breast cancer in girls .... Global research centers share signs and symptoms associated with breast cancer.

In order to reach an early medical diagnosis of the disease .

Take proper treatment to rapidly reduce its prevalence around the world. The belief among women is limited to the existence of a knot.

Small breasts to detect infection, but the scientific reality of the research points to other symptoms that were pointed out at the Cancer Research Conference.

National 2016 UK, which was called atypical (atypical) introductions, which can be noticed by women.

Prior to laboratory imaging tests, these detected symptoms were considered part of the global cancer risk awareness campaign.

Malignant breast, but at the same time do not call for neglecting the periodic laboratory tests that are today the primary source of diagnosis.

Doctors emphasize the importance of annual routine examinations, and the need to consult doctors for any changes.

Not familiar with the chest .

Silent symptoms of breast cancer

Small pits or peel off the skin

Some of the early symptoms of breast cancer are that the skin layer in the breast has turned to a scaly pattern and thicker than usual, especially.

If it is on one side but not the other, it may develop over time to occur small dimples-like pits, and it occurs as a result of closure.

Channels nourishing the body from inside the breast, which causes skin changes somewhat similar to the orange peel in its thickness and the presence of pores and the.

Breast swelling then pain

Symptoms of the disease may be confined to the skin without noticeable changes in the skin layer.

The clinical symptoms of breast swelling or change in shape, especially if it is on one side without the other, can be accompanied by.

Change with mild or moderate pain .

Nipple change

Some symptoms of breast cancer are called nipple inversion, contraction or retraction, and this occurs as a result of a change.

Breast from the inside with malignant or benign mass growth, nipple deformation is usually one of the most prominent symptoms of the diagnosis of this disease.

Nipple detachments

Doctors do not consider nipple secretions to be a symptom of breast cancer, but indicate the severity of these secretions if they are discharged.

Spontaneous removal of the breast without compression of the nipple, its danger increases in the event that it is accompanied by blood, and on one hand without the other .

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