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What are the symptoms of a stroke silent?

What are the symptoms of a stroke silent?

Symptoms of a silent stroke is a transient stroke may not be aware of its occurrence unless there are severe symptoms or are detected by medical magnetic imaging of the brain, and this silent stroke causes damage to brain cells without the occurrence of motor nerve damage but it will be a large indicator of the probability of occurrence of a major stroke, and :

Unilateral pain of the face

Strokes are not always painful, but in some cases, they have sudden pain in the limbs or on one side of the face, and severe symptoms of facial paralysis occur directly and are considered one of the most common symptoms of a stroke diagnosis.

Inability to breathe(trembling)

A common symptom of a stroke is difficulty breathing that causes a lack of oxygen and arrhythmia.

Blurred vision or vision loss

Studies suggest blurred vision or vision loss occurs in one or both eyes before a stroke occurs.

Loss of balance and gait disorder

One of the signs of an early stroke is the sudden feeling of general weakness and stagnation of the upper and lower limbs and may develop paralysis of movement, and if we want to test the condition, the patient should open the arm and palm completely, move them up and hold them in this position for 10 seconds.

Sudden headache or dizziness

Depends on headaches and dizziness of the common signs of stroke is most common in women, and the migraine in young people, severe headaches for all ages, with headaches, dizziness (dizziness) symptoms common to many diseases, especially in women Madonna 45 years, and a visit to the doctor interface for all cases.

Trouble speaking and understanding

Sometimes the patient has a state of confusion and confusion caused by delirium and inability to speak.

Fatigue and stress

Studies have shown that the majority of symptoms that women experience before a stroke are fatigue and stress that are associated with a state of delirium, confusion, and confusion of mind.

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