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What are the types of blood groups and their features?

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The types of blood groups and their features may push you to change our daily and dietary program to be more accurate and effective for our life, what suits you may not suit others because of the different proportions of our body's interaction with food, medicines, and diseases, and this is explained by the reactive disparity in one of its aspects according to the :

Pregnancy, childbearing and Child Health

A small percentage of women carry Rh-negative factor, and they should pay attention to increasing the chances of developing certain diseases in their children if the husband is of the RH category, and should consult a doctor in the process of preventing these diseases.

AB women have an increased rate of pregnancy formation compared to other blood groups, and also have a decrease in follicle-stimulating hormone.

Disease incidence

The chances of developing diseases among the blood clumps are variable and variable for each species, and we should know about them to avoid them with healthy habits and natural nutrients.

For example, people in Group AB and Group A are 20 percent more likely to develop stomach cancer than Group B and Group O because of the different immune response to H. pylori bacteria causing cancer, and the immune response to this type of bacteria in Group O is different with stomach ulcers.

A and B are more likely to have heart disease than other blood groups, and O are 23 percent less likely to have heart problems.

Specialized nutrition

The issue of nutrition is essential and should not be overlooked, and blood group is an important part of its health program to avoid allergies and malnutrition, for example, it is recommended for members of Group O to consume additional fish proteins, Group AB should increase lean meat and seafood, and Group B owners to consume more red meat.

Tension and stress

Members of the O group need more time to relax after stress and stress, compared to other blood groups.

Weight problems

Blood group can determine the likelihood of abdominal fat formation, as people with Group (O) are more likely to form abdominal fat than people with Group(A) are less likely to.

Emergencies and blood transfusion

If you need a blood transfusion, we should know that the negative RH(O) is a general giver, and the negative RH is designated because the positive O does not give the negative clique, and the positive AB(A) is a general giver, and the negative AB(A) is taken exclusively from the negative, and this information will

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