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What are the vitamins that increase the length of children ?

What are the vitamins that increase the length of children ? length for children kids necklace length necklace length for child kids wrist size child bracelet size kids necklace size average child wrist size bab

Vitamins that increase the height and height of children, can not be determined by a certain number, it may change with adulthood and youth, but the overall length should be proportional to body mass and weight.

Some doctors deny that the growth and height process continues throughout life, but it becomes slow or weak, and doctors point to the effect of heredity on height by only about 20%, and therefore 80% of it remains related to the amount of our work, and our effort to support our height.

We refer to the most important vitamins and minerals necessary to support height in children :


Vitamin D is the greatest supporter of bone growth and strengthening, increasing length, and is an important component of calcium absorption that promotes bone thickness and density.

Vitamins A (B1)(B2)(C) are necessary and important to support the growth of the body, increase its length, and are found in abundance in fruits and vegetables.

Risks of vitamin deficiency

Lack of vitamins leads to serious health problems, which in turn affect human height and height.

We should beware of processed vitamins, which some take without consulting a doctor, we risk organic disturbance, are toxic in excess doses, damage our bodies

The ideal option for supporting the height of our children is natural vitamins from vegetables and fruits


Magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, and manganese play a big role in increasing human height and supporting its svelte texture.

Calcium is an essential element for bone strengthening and restoration, to increase the length by building new bone units.

Risks of mineral deficiency

Excess salts, sugars, fats, carbonated drinks, and coffee act as a bone inhibitor, demolishing the bone structure and causing its fragility, we must avoid it.


Protein is the first building unit that helps the body support tissues, muscles, and joints for their growth and length.

 Proteins contain amino acids supporting growth hormone and its efficacy in increasing height and Body Mass at normal levels.

Proteins act as catalysts for food-carrying digestive chemical reactions and build tissues, cells, and muscles, helping to increase length.

Risks of protein deficiency

The lack of proteins causes serious health problems, leading to loss of muscle mass, impaired motor abilities, causing stress and fatigue of bones and joints.

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