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What foods are rich in collagen?

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Collagen-rich foods are very important for the health of the skin of the most beautiful manifestations of beauty that we have, and perhaps its health will be the health of our food, and the best dishes were treatment before it was food, and this is what urges us in this article to provide recipes dishes capable of supporting the body collagen and.

It is worth mentioning that collagen in the body is a protein substance necessary for the health of muscle, bone, and skin tissues, it accounts for a quarter of the total proteins in the body.

Meat soup 

Beef soup is one of the most effective ways to support skin collagen, thanks to its rich content of proteins and amino acids that help repair the most delicate lines and wrinkles in the skin, and it is prepared as a soup with vegetables, and the benefit becomes double when boiled bone with meat, bone materials are more effective in supporting collagen.

Fish soup

Fish have essential fatty acids that can supply the body with natural collagen, and for this, it is prepared as a soup to extract fat and drain it from the fish with broth.


The eggshells contain a good proportion of collagen type 1, and for this, the eggshells are washed, dried, roasted in the oven a little and then ground to become a soft powder, then soaked with a glass of milk overnight, then halves the milk with a soft cloth and drink the net to take advantage of the collagen leaked from the.


We drink net once a week to avoid kidney stones with too much calcium

Stuffed cabbage

Cabbage's high antioxidants are essential to enhance the body's ability to conserve and enhance collagen, and we can support beef cabbage for a double benefit.

Banana and honey tart

Banana and Honey give the skin an invigorating and powerful boost to support its collagen, helping the face remove wrinkles with the chin, eyes, and neck.

Panna cotta coconut

It is a famous Italian pudding that is prepared with skin nutrients from coconut milk, honey, berries, vanilla, and mango, giving our diet program a useful and collagen-supporting sweetener.

Soup carrot

Orange vegetables are important nutrients to support collagen and delay aging, as well as their antioxidant substances, and are topped by carrots containing lycopene and beta-carotene, and the benefits of pumpkin soup are similar to the benefits of carrot soup in supporting collagen.

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