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What foods impair desire

What foods impair desire

Foods that impair desire are many because food is the source of energy that a person gets to carry out all his life tasks, including marital tasks.

Processed foods

For example: processing whole wheat into white flour loses the necessary zinc mineral in men, and eating refined grains leads to insulin resistance as a start of diabetes, diabetes, in turn, causes narrowing of arteries and weakness, as well as processed cheese, artificial milk, and canned food.

Microwave popcorn

Perfluorooctanoic acid has been found in popcorn when prepared in the microwave, this substance causes desire killing and long-term prostate problems.

Soy products

High levels of soybeans in a woman's body disrupt ovarian function and reduces hormones, causing sperm reduction in males.

Licorice and mint

Eating mint or sweat mite reduces testosterone production, which causes weakness in men.

Food insecticides

Eating fruits and vegetables without washing them well, increases the percentage of the effect of pesticides on the endocrine glands of the body, disrupting female and male hormones.

The presence of pesticides is not limited to vegetables but extends to seafood, and shrimp are usually sprayed with a type of estrogen to maintain their color, which has a serious effect on desire.

Soft drinks

Carbonated drinks contain artificial sweeteners that cause the body to lower serotonin levels, leading to decreased desire in men and women.

Sugar and salt

Sugary foods increase insulin and abdominal fat levels, cause muscle mass loss, reduce testosterone in men, and salt is no less dangerous than sugar in general health disorders in men and women.

Processed meat

Sausages, mortadella, chilled and smoked meats harm health, and processed meats often cause hormonal shifts in the human body as a result of the interaction of their fatty substances with plastic bags stored in them.


Drinking alcohol will be at the expense of desire in men with impaired erectile capacity, hormonal disorders are aggravated by a depressive state.

Water with plastic packaging

Water is not associated with a lack of desire, but its storage with plastic packaging affects the fertility of men and women.

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