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What foods prevent pregnancy from occurring naturally ?

What foods prevent pregnancy from occurring naturally ?

It is true that the benefits of natural foods do not end in achieving our health and well-being, but it is necessary to know that sometimes we mistake the timing of eating them, some see it as negative to prevent the expected pregnancy and some see it as positive to avoid (unwanted) pregnancy in which protect the mother from the health damage of.

Women should know these foods because eating them reflects negatively on life if they want to have a new baby and the most dangerous is that some mothers resort to birth control pills that hide in their future the damage of hormonal disorder that may cause cancers so we recommend natural treatments :

Wild carrot seeds

It prevents the implantation of the egg by disrupting the synthesis of progesterone for seven days and can be taken stewed or boiled syrup and has mild side effects such as constipation

Plant neem

Used since ancient times as a contraceptive, this is an Indian herb taken as a leaf or oil that only kills sperm and thus does not affect its production

 It is used in males and females when injecting the vagina with neem oil causes the female infertility reflex for a year , and this information must be consulted about the doctor for the utmost importance, so we advise you Madam not to take this information as a prescription but only general information.


Mint is a contraceptive but it is (unwanted). Because its large consumption causes toxic reactions, consult your doctor

Black and blue cohosh

 Stimulate release of the hormone acts Internation walls of the uterus, thereby preventing pregnancy are a must to consult a doctor about the dosage and consume the concoction and don't be taken in case of pregnancy because it may lead to miscarriage


No side effects which makes it one of the most useful product.

Citrus fruits

The presence of vitamin C is helpful to avoid pregnancy. It should not be taken in case of pregnancy

Dried apricots

 The mixture of dried apricots with honey and water prevents pregnancy and its consumption is in a glass of this mixture


 Fertilization is not allowed to be done and thus prevents pregnancy and should be avoided when pregnant because it leads to miscarriage

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