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What happens if I drink expired milk?

What happens if I drink expired milk?

Milk expired usable after a period of expiry date where you can phone clear for the consumption of humans after a week from the date of expiration, but in order to achieve that I must be dreaming preserved in the temperature written on the box, otherwise it will not be usable after expiration .

There are factories that will determine whether the milk will spoil before this date .

A can of milk left outside at room temperature is prone to spoilage faster, and a refrigerator that doesn't freeze well can give way to bacteria that cause milk to rot faster.

Many people use odor testing to make sure that the milk is not spoiled, but it should be noted that not all bacteria in the milk emit a smell

This means that the smell test continues to inspire that the milk is good and after days the milk will cause the person who drinks it to get sick.

According to competent websites, drinking spoiled milk rarely causes deaths among adults, but can cause poisoning.

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