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What is the best healthy breakfast for diabetics?

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Healthy breakfast for diabetics, snack and are important issues that must be provided by diabetic patients to fill a need in their food, which prevents hunger without resorting to fast food harmful that cause serious health problems.

The patient can follow this diet that we will continue her daily routine until they become healthy habits that bring us great benefits to the treatment of the disease in the future, especially in children and patients with Type 2, and the mission to take these meals to the workplace or pouch own.

Nutritious snacks :

Green Papers

Light and low-carb meal of spinach, chard, or green salad for breakfast.

It is an excellent option to enjoy a delicious and delicious dish that prevents hunger, strengthens the body, expels toxins, and balances blood sugar healthily and regularly.

Pistachio milk

Pistachios are considered an integrated dietary meal of protein and a combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Which relieve the complications of diabetes and cholesterol and prevent hunger.

We can eat this meal at least 28g, and we can keep it in the work bag when needed.

Drinks tonic

We can rely on low-carb drinks to achieve a sense of satiety

And provide the body with nutrients, to adjust the balance of the body and prevent sugar disturbance by soaking cucumber slices.

Or lemon water with some ice cubes, or drink cold tea with cinnamon, and we must beware of allergic cinnamon for some people.

Roasted, cooked, and raw vegetables

Adding vegetables to the diet is one of the biggest health factors for diabetics by supporting the body with vitamins.

And the minerals that regulate blood sugar, we can eat them cooked, roasted, or raw, and we must choose the low ones with carbohydrates.

Avocado and lemon

Avocado slices are an excellent way to prevent hunger thanks to their richness in fat monounsaturated

If half a cup of them contains 120 calories, and we can eat it with a little lemon juice and a pinch of salt

The process of introducing avocados to our meals should be balanced with the amounts of protein we consume to avoid disturbances and weight gain.


The importance of these diets is not limited to the property of regulating blood sugar, but are important nutrients to support our health with vitamins

And natural salts and calories, the benefits of which can not be compared with the harms of ready-made fast food

Eating these meals is important for dieting and a harsh diet, to support the body with nutrients without gaining weight.

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