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What is the best oil for dry and sensitive skin?

What is the best oil for dry and sensitive skin ?

The best oil for pure skin is your most precious possession, and to ensure its beauty in its safety and survival is natural, and you may make a great effort in experimenting with the right care products for dry skin, and the solution may be simpler than you expect with materials available in your home, and healthy non-chemical extracted directly from nature:

Grape seed oils

Grape seed oils are rich in antioxidants and fit all skin types, especially dry ones, they help regulate and control the production of oil in the skin to prevent dryness and peeling, which is inexpensive and can be applied directly to the skin, and helps prevent signs of aging.

Wild mint oil

You may feel warm and tingling on the skin when applying care products containing mint oil, this comes from its natural pharmaceutical properties, which help to solve pore problems and control the production of oil with dry skin, and should avoid applying it directly to the skin may lead to irritation, so you can apply it after adding drops of it to sweet olive oil.

Carrot seed oil

The carrots are rich in antioxidants to stop cell damage to the skin and fight cancers, and this effect extends from carrots to seeds, carrot seed oil helps to stop dry skin infections, fight skin cancer lesions caused by sunlight, and this oil is often added to sunscreens and aging.

olive oil

It is considered the best natural moisturizer for dry skin and is rich in nutrients and balanced fatty acids, and is good for moisturizing hands and feet before bedtime, and can also be applied by adding a few drops of it to bathwater, and should avoid exposing the oil to high heat, which leads to a change in the composition of the oil and the effectiveness of antioxidants in it.

Argan oil

Oil sourced from argan trees, which is very rare and is found in the Moroccan regions and is famous for its therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

It contains high levels of vitamin E with anti-inflammatory fatty acids and has the ability of its antioxidants to withstand and not sabotage the sun, so it is the best choice for the skin with daylight, anti-acne, and dry dry skin.

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