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What is the difference between white, brown, or red eggs?

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The difference between white and brown eggs is a big question, especially since eggs are one of the most consumed foods around the world to obtain nutrients inexpensively, and its color is determined by genetics, and they generally take chicken breeds with red earlobes to produce brown eggs, and with white earlobes to produce the white type, and there are

People may rely on buying brown eggs without white because they think there are fundamental differences between them. :

So what is the difference between House White and brown?

In terms of cost

Many people believe that brown eggs are the best species because of their high price in the markets, but the real reason for this is not because of the different quality of eggs, but because of the different price of breeding and production, the chicken breeds producing brown eggs are larger than the breeds of white eggs, making them more expensive to breed and harder to produce.

In terms of a fraction

There is generally no difference in the degree of thickness of the shell of brown eggs from white, but there are some types of chicken that give brown eggs a thicker shell than white, which makes them more preferable to pressing and storing, and it is worth mentioning that fresh eggs are thicker in their shell than eggs stored for a long time,

In terms of taste

Many people believe that brown eggs are better than white eggs, but we should know that consumer expert reports around the world have denied that there is a difference in taste and that the biggest impact on flavor is the quality of the food the chicken feeds on.

In terms of Health

Brown and white eggs have the same nutrients, except for an additional percentage of omega-3 fatty acids in brown eggs, but it is a small percentage, and the nutritional value of eggs is influenced by the basic nutrition of chickens, and doctors advise that the types of eggs produced for chickens exposed to industrial or hormonal substances or exposed to pesticides and antibiotics,

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