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What is forbidden food for heart patients?

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Heart disease is one of the most prevalent diseases around the world due to the growth of the market of ready-made foods, and the high rates of obesity caused by lack of physical activity and wrong living habits, health organizations have not found effective ways to reduce the risk of heart attacks except by changing the daily lifestyle towards the lack of psychological:

Processed meat

We must make the quick decision to limit or completely refrain from eating processed meat, including hot dogs, sausages, sausages, salami, mortadella and smoked meats, because they contain a large amount of nitrites, preservatives and salts.

Refined grains

Refined grains do not correspond in their nutritional values to the health of our hearts, including white bread and white rice, and should be stopped or reduced weekly, studies have proven the seriousness of these grains in the disorder of blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.

In contrast, studies have shown the importance of whole grains (unrefined) in reducing the incidence of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

Soft drinks

Carbonated drinks are very limited in their composition to sugars too much as well as the quality of sugar that is not suitable for the health of our bodies, and exceeds our daily need of calories, leading to obesity, weight gain and accumulation of fat which is a major cause of heart infarction, besides these drinks are associated with blood pressure diseases, diabetes,

Trans fat

Trans or trans fats are monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, produced by hydrogenation of vegetable oils by adding a hydrogen atom to them, and found in abundance in snacks and canned food and commercial obesity, these fats are considered one of the most stimulating types of harmful cholesterol in the body causing sudden heart attacks .

Saturated fats

Saturated fat is a fatty acid that is saturated with hydrogen in all its carbon atoms but a single chain, and is found in abundance in industrial foods such as mayonnaise, sour cream and butter, and is a major cause of increased cholesterol leading to coronary heart problems .

Abstinence from alcohol and smoking

Apart from the foods mentioned above, alcohol and smoking are triggers for the disease by heart strain, and blood sugar and cholesterol disorder, two of the main causes of cardiac infarction and cancer

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