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What is the harm of manicure on the skin?

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The harsh truth that women may not accept is that common nail products may contain very toxic chemicals.

It may filter into nails and cuticles as well as inhale. And it's time to figure out what your precious nails look like.

These are nails that reflect the general state of health by their gloss, concave shape and others.

A 2015 study found that one component, triphenyl phosphate, is consistently suspected of being present after 10 – 14 hours in each.

Objects on which the study was conducted and on which the nails were painted.

The most dangerous substance

Do you remember that chemical used to embalm frogs for dissection, its name is formaldehyde.

It is also a component of nail polish, a substance that causes vomiting, and can lead to asthma, neurological and other cases by the experts.

Two of the other worst chemicals in nail products are toluene (a petrochemical compound that is harmful to the respiratory system.

It can cause birth defects, cancer) and phthalates which also causes birth defects.

At the very least, nail polish products should be free of these three dangerous chemicals, but some products still use them.

Experts therefore advise to look for a product that is free of at least these three substances.

An expert at Stanford University and a doctor at the Cancer Prevention Institute in California have warned that nail care products contain a variety of amounts.

Of the ingredients-many of which are toxic-and potentially dangerous ingredients.

The chemical components found in these products range from carcinogenic components such as formaldehyde to disruptive components.

Hormonal in its users

So some beauty companies have recently started creating new formulas for nail polish that are less toxic and safer, and give the same results.

Nail polish remover

Don't forget, Ma'am, also nail polish remover, while acetone is a low-level toxin, it also makes nails thinner and weaker.

And for feeding nails it is preferable to choose substitutes closer to natural.

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