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What is the harm of salt to children ?

What is the harm of salt to children ?

The harm of salt to children who eat a lot of salt daily, is it a healthy path to their heart health when they are young, the American Society for heart health recommended 1500 mg of salt per day for children.

Because they harmfully eat twice as much in their main and light meals

Perhaps the worst is in fast food.

Like they're pizza, meat, potato chips, pastries, sandwiches, burgers, cheese, spaghetti, sauce, and soup .

Is sodium harmful to heart health :

  • Studies have shown that children who consume too much sodium when young
  • More likely to develop blood pressure when older as well as obesity and overweight .
  • So paying attention to the amount of salt and sodium when young protects against heart disease in old age

 Some tips for observing the diet to reduce these risks : 

  • Follow-up of parents to the global healthy diets recommendations bulletins that talk about the right baby food .
  • Participate and help children prepare their food while advising them to raise awareness, and urge them to take care of their bodies through their food.
  • Follow up parents to their children's bad habits and urge them to leave them and encourage good habits by diet
  • Reduce spicy or harmful foods to taste papillae, to ensure they feel more salt in food and thus reduce it.
  • You can monitor the amount of sodium in your children's food by looking at the food product label
  • Where the amount of sodium is written and includes sodium salt, in addition to other elements containing sodium.
  • Remember that the volume of sodium on the product may be divided in milligrams per serving.
  • Finally, we recommend consulting a doctor.

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